Chopperchunky Gallery emerged out of the Coronavirus lockdown, and the South London venue continued to premiere emerging artists with the debut of a dual exhibition by The Ox, “Your Face Escapes Me” and “The Cypher Series.”

The desire of successful London artist Marc Craig to open his own art gallery ran headlong into the uncompromising era of Covid-19. He turned that resistance into opportunity and opened his gallery virtually. Chopperchunky Gallery ( works to introduce new artists to the world from its South London home base.

The gallery’s Novemeber 2020 exhibition featured The Ox with a dual show, “Your Face Escapes Me” and “The Cypher Series.” The Ox, who works under a pseudonym separate from his writing career, wanted to examine how this era’s blend of technology and Covid-19 separates us from each other.

“‘The Cypher Series’ plays with the phenomena of Pareidolia — seeing patterns in random data,” The Ox says. “I use type elements to forge faces —turning code into imagery.”

“For ‘Your Face Escapes Me,’ I wanted to explore some aspects of minimalism and look at how little of a face we need to recognize it. That’s all we’re left with now in the age of Coronavirus.”

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