The Ox uses a pseudonym only to separate his art from the other work he does as a writer. He chose that animal because he believes in working hard and steady, remaining humble and believing in strength. He signs all of his work with the Arabic symbol for cattle — a design that would later invert and become the first letter of the Western Alphabet – thus serving as a symbol combining his art and his writing.

Self-taught and experimental, he wants only to make things that did not exist before he made them. He gives inspiration no more responsibility than that. He creates with enthusiasm and gratitude and welcomes any statement of meaning or significance from the viewer. He hopes everyone enjoys the finished products as he plows ahead with intent and without pretense. Finally, he always finds something to like about the work of other artists. It is the duty of artists to support each other as the world all too rarely does.

As the world wraps itself in impersonal technology and an age of narcissism drives people to put forward false fronts, the work of The Ox often focuses on the loss of humanity and our desperation to reconnect with each other and the very best of ourselves.

The Ox works on canvas, linen, wood or metal. He creates in two and three dimensions. He experiments with oil, acrylic, enamel, watercolor, wood stain, gunpowder, ink, pencil, latex, oil pastel, adhesives, Flex Seal and spray foam. In an era when it seems “it’s all been done,” he hunts for something as of yet undone and unseen. Finally, he is always fascinated by the human eye’s ability to forge an image out of even the most rudimentary line and color. He enjoys playing with that.

His original work and collaborations feature regularly in the Chopperchunky Gallery in South London. He was a featured artist at the 2021 and 2019 Milwaukee Fringe Festivals and painted a public mural in London at the Leake Street Arches founded by Banksy. Most recently, his work appeared in three virtual gallery shows of the Milwaukee Artists Resource Network.

The art of Ox is available for sale, display and commission. In addition to painting, he works on murals and installations on demand. If you have any questions, please contact The Ox via this site.


The Ox